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Wholesaler Help & Info


Bashsea Canada does not sell to the general public.

Bashsea Canada does not sell any products to the general public. We sell exclusively to pre-approved Wholesalers that are located in the country of Canada.

If you are interested in becoming a wholesaler you can complete the Wholesaler Application here:
Wholesaler Application

Wholesaler Advantages

Approved wholesalers can take advantage of the following benefits:

Reduced Bashsea Canada Wholesale price

All approved wholesalers are entitled to the significantly reduced Bashsea Canada Wholesale price for the entire line of Bashsea products.

Eliminate International shipping / customs

We import our products from Ferndale, Michigan in the US to our warehouse in Windsor, ON so shipping is quicker & less expensive.

Quickly place a Wholesaler order

bashseacanada.com is an advanced Ecommerce application where wholesalers can login and easily place orders.

  • Instantly see what products are in stock & ready in Bashsea Canada's inventory.
  • See real-time shipping rates based on the products in your cart.
  • Get your products shipped to your location, or pick them up if you're local.
  • Your billing and shipping addresses are saved for you.
  • Your payment method is securely saved for you.
  • View your entire order history.
Access the Bashsea Media Assets

Access the Bashsea Media Assets to help advertise Bashsea products:

  • Official Bashsea logos.
  • Official product images from the entire catalog of Bashsea products.
  • Data sheets / tech specs from the entire catalog of Bashsea products, in printable and web formatted (html) versions.
Official Bashsea promotional items

Receive occasional promotional items, in digital or physical format - that help the Bashsea product line move.

Dealer advertisement

Wholesalers ( Dealers that sell to the public ) will be advertised on bashseacanada.com as a place for the public to buy.

Shipping Methods

We ship throughout Canada using CanPar.

We also offer in store pickups for local Wholesalers.

Payment Methods

We offer all major forms of payments upon checkout including Check, Bank Transfer, and Credit Card.

Our credit card processing is provided through Stripe.

We accept all major credit cards.

Log In

Once you are approved as a Bashsea Canada Wholesaler, you will be sent a "Welcome Email". Within this email is a "link" to login for the first time - requiring you to create a password.

Please note that this link expires within 24 hours - but that's ok, you'll be prompted to receive a new email "link". We'll discuss this below.

Follow the link - Create your new password, and then you'll be able to login using your email address and the password you've just created. You're all set!

If your email link has expired, you'll get a screen prompting you to create a new email "link". Enter the email address associated with your account, click the "Get New Password" button, and you'll receive your new link.

My Account

After logging in you will have access to your "My Account" area.

In this area, you'll notice 3 major sections of importance: Orders, Addresses, Account Details.

Note that you can also access these sections directly by clicking your username at the top of the website, as shown in the second image.

Orders allows you to view your past orders, as well as the status of any pending orders.

Addresses allows you to view and edit your billing and shipping addresses. Upon checkout, these addresses will be pre-populated for your convenience.

Account Details allows you to view and edit your name, email address, and password.

Add Items To Your Cart

Browse the inventory and find the items you wish to purchase. If you know you want a certain item, simply click "Add To Cart".

If you wish to learn more about a product, or want to add multiple quantities, click the image for the product details.

While you're on the product detail page, you can edit quantities before adding to your cart.

If you're ready to checkout, click the "Shopping Cart" at the top right of the website. You'll see a summary of your cart contents, and of course, the "Checkout" button.

Checkout / Place Your Order

Billing Details - this is your main billing information.

Shipping Address - this is used if you wish to have your products shipped to a different location other than your billing address.

Additional Information / Notes - if you wish to leave a personal note, to us, on your order.

Cart Items - a simple review of the items in your cart, that you are about to purchase.

Shipping Methods - you'll need to choose 1 of the available shipping methods.

Be sure to choose "Local Pickup" if you are located near to us and want to save on shipping by picking up your order.

Payment Methods - We offer 3 payment methods.

  • Direct Bank Transfer (ACH)
  • Check
  • Credit Card

If you are paying via "Check" or "Bank Transfer", your order is put on hold - your order will not be shipped / available for pickup until funds have cleared through our bank.

Place Order - When you're satisfied with your information & choices, place your order.

Order Confirmation

Once you have successfully placed your order, you will be presented your order summary.

You will also be sent an email with your successful order.

If you chose to pay via "Check" or "Bank Transfer", your order is put on hold - your order will not be shipped / available for pickup until funds have cleared through our bank.

You must send Bashsea Canada a check for the amount stated, or transfer funds to our account.

When your order has been shipped, or is ready for pickup, you will receive another email with additional information such as tracking number, notes, etc.